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In a year defined by emotional hardship, there has never before been a brighter spotlight cast upon the significance of mental health.

According to Black Dog Institute, the COVID-19 pandemic could be responsible for either triggering or worsening feelings of anxiety in up to 33% of the Australian populace. If 2020 has left us with something positive, it’s that it has brought personal well-being to the forefront of public discourse, resulting in a unified, global acknowledgement of the importance of mental health maintenance.

At PsychPhys®, encouraging positive approaches to Health and Well-being is imperative to what we do. Our dedication towards health and well-being extends to participation in charity campaigns that seek to raise awareness of situations that are very close to us.

This November has been a busy month for charity engagement. PsychPhys® clinicians from across Melbourne have either strapped on their runners or put away their razors to participate in both Run for Autism and Movember this year. We have clocked up 25km run and two awful moustaches grown all in the name of charity!

If you’d like to support the PsychPhys® charity teams or just check in with us for updates, feel free to visit our team pages at: by Michael, PsychPhys® Marketing & Promotions Officer