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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals to take care of their own destiny and function safely within the community by providing opportunities to feel accepted and learn the necessary skills to live a healthy and independent life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a shift from disempowerment and hesitation, to empowerment and self-determination by enabling individuals to employ innovative strategies that produce desirable actions that lead to healthy results. PsychPhys™ is dedicated to our clients and the community.

Through tailored Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Behaviour Support programs, PsychPhys™ promotes acceptance and raises public awareness into the level of risk within our communities.

Programs are designed to increase self-esteem, self-respect, respect for others, promote and educate healthy independent living, and address issues relating to improving and maintaining quality of life.

Our Values

  • Acceptance
    PsychPhys™ is built on a foundation of acceptance and understanding.
  • Non-Judgmental
    PsychPhys™ promotes open-minds and respects everyone alike.
  • Kindness
    PsychPhys™ treats all people with respect, empathy and humanity.
  • Independence
    PsychPhys™ encourages safe and healthy independent living by educating and supporting positive individuality.
  • Adaptability
    PsychPhys™ commits to supporting each person in reaching their own unique goals.

PsychPhys™ is registered under the following NDIS categories:


  • Daily Living (Assistance with Daily Life)
  • Social and Community Participation (Assistance with Social and Community Participation)

Capacity Building:

  • Social and Community Participation (Increased Social and Community Participation)
  • Relationships (Improved Relationships)
  • Health and Wellbeing (Improved Health and Well Being)
  • Lifelong Learning (Improved Learning)
  • Choice and Control (Improved Life Choices)
  • Daily Living (Improved Daily Living)

Supporting Services Partners

Reach out

We want to hear from parents, carers, friends, allied health professionals, schools and/or community agencies that may benefit from our program.