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“Congratulations to Lachlan on his Football Presentation.” Lachlan commenced with PsychPhys® in March of this year, and since then has continued to flourish.

Entering a new environment can be a difficult thing for anyone to experience as delving into the unknown can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing situation. From his first foot inside this new environment, Lachlan presented with a happy demeanour and had been very excited and energetic as he wanted to explore his new surroundings.

From his very first session within the program, Lachlan has exhibited a kind personality and is regularly looking for ways where he would be able to help others. This has been most notable during his group sessions where he will try to help others to the best of his abilities when participating in some of the activities. Additionally, Lachlan will look to share stories and some of the art he creates at school with his peers.

Lachlan’s passion for helping is not contained to a group setting as Lachlan’s first instinct when the Exercise Physiologist had hurt himself was to get band-aids and ensure that he was okay

Along with helping, another of Lachlan’s passions has been to participate in exercise. Since the program commencement, Lachlan has always had an interest in movement, however as time has shown, Lachlan has also shown a passion for wanting to let others know how hard they are working. An example involves Lachlan wanting to tell the South Pacific Health Club front desk staff how good of a job he thinks everyone in the gym is doing.

Lachlan’s willingness to engage himself in the program and his hard work have not been left unnoticed. At home, Lachlan’s father Tim has mentioned Lachlan has been progressively and steadily becoming more willing, comfortable, and confident in his social skills to be able to converse about topics he previously found as difficult (ie. What he has done/is doing at school). Ups and downs are all a part of life and while Lachlan has experienced some of these himself, he continues to apply himself to all facets of the program. We are very proud of the progress Lachlan has made to date and are excited to see what the future holds.

Lachlan will continue to be supported by PsychPhys® as we collaboratively work towards the goals Lachlan would like to achieve

The PsychPhys® Team