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As the global COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the health, safety and wellbeing of the NDIS participants, families, and professionals PsychPhys™ work alongside is a priority.

This update is both an opportunity to check in and support the community we work with and reassure you that PsychPhys™ has robust planning in place to continue to deliver an uninterrupted service.

In light of Victoria’s continued lockdown restrictions, PsychPhys™ will continue running as an Essential Health Service. We will continue to provide Tele-health sessions and Assessments and Specialist Off-site programs (Exercise Physiology, Psychology and Specialist Behavioural Support) where it is safe to do so.

We are diligently following health and safety protocols to keep not only our clients, their families and the community safe but also our practitioners and family members also. In light of the new restrictions, we please ask all clients attending face to face off-site sessions to arrive no more than five minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow necessary cleaning protocols to occur prior to the session.


PsychPhys™ is committed to continuing to deliver high quality services.

Our contingency planning, technology systems, processes and team, is well equipped to weather the current pandemic situation.

We continue our program uninterrupted in the services that we deliver. We continue to practice safety precautions and procedures to look after the health and wellbeing of our program participants and team members, covering the areas of vaccination, hygiene, self-isolation and risk identification.

PsychPhys™ will continue the program under a dual virtual/outdoor process. The Psychology and Group components of the program are facilitated via our telehealth platform; and the exercise and Behavioural component will be conducted face-to-face outdoors in an open space in line with COVID-19 safety regulations and/or virtually via our professional online software systems.

We continue to plan for our transition back into on-site programs and look forward to re-commencing our on-site programs once we are advised by the Government that it is safe to do so.


If you are a current PsychPhys™ client:

Please contact us to have a discussion about your preference in continuing your program during lockdown on (03) 9088 7585 or via email at

If you have continued your PsychPhys™ program virtually during previous lockdowns:

You can continue virtually – we are more than happy to accommodate this.

If you are wanting to commence the PsychPhys™ Program:

Please give us a call to discuss your options (03) 9088 7585 or jump on the website for further information.

To ensure we are practicing proper hygiene and remaining hydrated and healthy during sessions, we ask that if our clients are participating in our exercise sessions, please remember to use your gym towel, drink bottle and journal for your sessions.

PsychPhys™ will continue to communicate with our valued community and provide further updates as the situation unfolds.


COVID-19 typically presents with a fever, shortness of breath, dry cough and muscle aches and pains symptoms more similar to the flu than a common cold. If you or any of your loved ones have any of these symptoms, we ask that you do not attend on-site, rather instead you present to a ‘COVID-19’ clinic, ‘respiratory clinic’, ‘fever clinic’, or hospital for assessment.

Once medical attention has been prioritised, we ask that you notify us on (03) 9088 7585 or via

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Here are some handy tips to support you through this difficult time:

  • Connect with loved ones through calls, texts and online
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Keep yourself busy doing enjoyable activities, reading books, doing puzzles/sudoku

Remember, the only information that counts comes from reliable resources. Australian Government websites or the World Health Organisation website are good places to get the facts from scientists and people who understand public health.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, uncharacteristically anxious or fearful, reach out for help from your family and community.

We want to reassure all of our clients and their loved ones that the team at PsychPhys™ are continuing to monitor developments in effort to minimise impacts on our day to day program operations.

PsychPhys™ thanks you in advance for assisting the PsychPhys™ team during this time.


For the latest advice, information and resources please jump on to

If you are concerned about your health or the health of a loved one you can contact the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 or reach out to your local medical practitioner.

Translating or interpreting services can be contacted at 131 450 – this is a 24/7 option.