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Sometimes, our different approach to treatment here at PsychPhys®️ leaves people with a lot of questions.

If you’ve found yourself asking things like; How do your programs work? Why do you operate the way that you do?
Do not fear! A lot of our clients had the same questions in the beginning!

We could dive deep into the big world of research that supports a dual disciplinary model of treatment. But all that scientific talk can be a bit of a bore!

The short answer is;  A TONNE of research has shown the benefits of physical exercise on improving and maintaining good mental health.

As we sweat it out in the gym, on the track, or even just on a simple stroll in the park! The blood starts flowing, the brain starts dancing, happy chemicals flood the body, improving our mood, sleep, memory, ability to learn and all importantly our mental health.

So HOW do we do what we do?

On the mind side of things, we will work with you one on one. Here we will work out what’s going on for you, create a treatment plan to help you to manage your troubles, and support you in reaching your goals.

We know it can be hard to start moving. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start! Our team has the skills and the knowledge to help to you get going and stay on track. We will design a tailored individual exercise routine and help you through your sessions.

Sometimes your family and/or care team might need some additional support in helping you reach your goals, and managing any behaviours of concern. We have a Behavioural Support Team who are here for you!

It comes down to BALANCE!

Balancing out your specific physical and mental health needs is important so they can support each other to grow, helping you to live the happy fulfilled life you deserve!

Your program is developed with you and for you in consideration of your own balance needs, what you like to do, what your goals are, Your PsychPhys®️ program will include the combination of psychology and Exercise  sessions. We also offer group sessions!

You can see us Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly in blocks of 3 months! You can stay for as long  as you want!

We hope this has cleared up any of the pestering questions you may have had about our approach!

If not, please feel free to email or call us so we can talk a little more!Written by Stephanie – PsychPhys®️ Provisional Psychologist