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Why has PsychPhys®️ Included swimming in their program options:

A Calming Safe Zone
Your body feels more pressure under the water than in the air. And the pressure is constant – touching the entire surface of the body. It’s unique and very calming. Because of this, individuals feel this to be their safe zone – where all the weight is gone and they can just “be” in the water.

An Opportunity for Heightening Body Awareness
When swimming and moving in the water, an individuals sensory input is heightened. This further develops the physical awareness and improves motor skills. The individual will learn to use muscles and systems that they have never previously engaged and be able to do things in the water that other can do on land.

An Environment for Improving Oral Skills
Being in the water is fun! This helps an individual on the to make progress in their oral skills development. The individual can blow bubbles, blow a ping pong ball, blow through a straw and perform many other acts designed to improve oral capabilities. The individual will also communicate with Exercise Physiologist and others in the pool.

An Exercise in Strengthening Muscles
Swimming works muscles. It takes stamina to complete many tasks. So it’s no surprise that swimming is great exercise. Almost every muscle in the body is used when in swimming.

Strengthening motor skills
Sessions with our trained professionals provide special with hands-on attention. PsychPhys®️ trained professionals understand the importance of constant engagement and proper guidance to individual needs providing the individual with a new found confidence in the water that will allow further opportunity for safe independent living.