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Traditional Breakfasts From Around The World

Written by Shewar. M | Accredited Practising Dietitian

Harmony Day on the 21st of March marks the celebration of multiculturalism in Australia, and what better way to do that than through food!

Did you know over 7 million people living in Australia were born overseas? With over 300 ancestries, Australia is a diverse country of culture that brings together a variety of culinary traditions that we can all enjoy without even stepping out of the country!

To celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism, let’s look at some traditional breakfasts from around the world.



Australia: Avo on Toast


England: Bacon, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, toast, hash brown and grilled tomatoes.


Scotland: Eggs, baked beans, bacon, Lorne sausage (also known as square sausage or slice), black pudding, haggis, fried mushrooms and tomatoes and toast.


United States: Pancakes, fried eggs and bacon.

Asian Traditional Breakfasts


China: Rice porridge (congee), dim sums, fried bread (youtiao), tea.


Philippines:Longganisa, sweet pork sausage, fried egg and rice.


South Indian: Idli and Sambar.


Pakistani:Paratha and vegetable spicy omelette, accompanied with yogurt, achar (pickled vegetables) and chai.


Japan: Grilled fish, bowl of rice, miso soup, and some pickles.


Korea: Variety of stews, doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew), grilled fish, rice, egg.


Vietnam: Pho.


Indonesia: Nasi Gudeg, unripe jackfruit stewed for several hours with coconut milk along side spiced egg and rice.


Malaysia: Nasi Lemak.

European Traditional Breakfasts


France: Bread (croissant), butter, jam, cheese tea/juice.


Germany: Variety of bread, cheese, meats, butter and jam.


Spain: Huevos Rotos, diced potatoes with bacon and eggs.


Greek: Variety of bread, pastry, fresh cheese, fruits, olives, eggs and Greek yogurt.

Middle Eastern and North African Traditional Breakfasts


Turkey: Kahvalti, fresh cheeses like feta and kashval, eggs, black and green olives, fresh-baked bread, fresh and dried fruit, honey, sweet butter and plenty of brewed black tea served in Turkish tea glasses.


Lebanon: Flat bread that is typically topped with olive oil and zaatar (sesame seeds, thyme, and sumac), then baked in the oven. Other toppings might include cheese, minced lamb, spinach, or fried eggplants accompanied with labneh, yogurt, fresh tomatoes and olives.


Morocco: Shakshuka served with bread.


Saudi Arabia: Spread of flatbread, egg, dates, cucumber/tomato salad, cheese with tea.

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